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Valuatum Support is ready to help you during European business hours from Monday to Friday. We will always help you as fast as we can, but in many cases the answers can be found in the user manual; see below for more information.

Instructions for using Valuatum Estimator

For quick instructions regarding the key features of the system, see the User Manual. A more extensive guide is available (currently in Finnish only) in our Support Portal. With the help of these documents, some of the most common issues and problems can be resolved. However, we would also like to hear from you if the instructions are insufficient or lack any information. Fill in the contact form and let us know if we can improve anything.

How to reach us?

  • By filling the contact form
  • By phone: +358 45 123 0308 (Mo-Fr 09:00-16:00 EEST)
  • By e-mail: company-valuation@valuatum.com
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