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Estimator Premium

Valuatum Estimator Premium

While the basic version of Valuatum Estimator is completely free to use, we also provide a premium version of the software. With premium version you will have your company logo on valuation reports and the option to decide which tables, figures, and graphs to show in Company Views pages. You can also create additional user credentials to the system and, for example, allow your own customers an access.

For premium customers we can also build customized report templates at a reasonable one-time fee (exact cost depends on needs).

Our premium plans start at just 50 EUR / month (yearly subscription).

If you are interested to hear more, please contact us at contact@valuatum.com.

Premium plans starting at

Monthly subscription

100 EUR

PEr month

3-month subscription

240 EUR

80 EUR / month

Annual subscription

600 EUR

50 EUR / month