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About Us

Valuatum is a software company specializing in valuation, credit risk and equity research solutions. We cater to a variety of customers from credit institutions to investment banks and asset managers around the world. Working with a wide customer base gives us unique insights into their different needs.

The company was established in 2000 by former equity research and credit risk analysts. Through our years of experience, we have established a deep knowledge and understanding of financial markets and company valuation. We operate with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, meaning that in addition to applications and tools we also offer our customers maintenance and continuous development services. Further information about us and our other products can be found at  our home page.

Other Solutions

In addition to Company Valuation Tool, Valuatum offers many other solutions to both large and small customers. Valuatum offers equity research and credit risk solutions to larger customers. To learn more about these solutions, visit the Valuatum home page.

Another solution, Valuatum Aarre is aimed for Finnish SMEs and accounting firms. It is a valuation service for Finnish customers with Finnish company data (from Bisnode) and only in Finnish. Click here to visit Valuatum Aarre.


Valuatum has served a variety of clients in the finance sector on five different continents. Below, you can see some of our reference customers.